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of the meekest ♪ ♪ can change the course of history ♪ ♪ everyone matters [ kermit ] ♪ everyone matters ♪ we're in this together ♪ the world would be so different ♪ ♪ if there never was a me ♪ even you [ miss piggy ] ♪ even me [ kermit ] ♪ you and me we're live with the latest. plus: as more victims laid to rest in the reports of a gunman send snow city college into lockdown. live with the latest. >> and as more victimless are laid to rest in the elementary
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school tragedy, the nra breaks its silence. >> the in-class punishment a teacher is accused of handing out and why some parents say it crossed the line. tense moments tonight as san jose city college was put under a lockdown. no one was allowed on campus for more than three hours as police searched for a reported gunman. >> reporter: reaction to this lockdown ranged from a "so what "to bewilderment to anger that this could have been a hoax. these photos show heavily armed police officers searching the building room by room. it's a raw glimpse of what it's like to be a student in this day and age. >> we barricaded down, we hushed our voices, got away from the windows, made sure we
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weren't near where anybody could look in, and we were afraid. >> reporter: police got a single 911 phone call of a black male suspect wearing a white t-shirt, possibly armed with a gun, at the tech center building. officers swarmed in, locked down the entire campus, and over the next few hours, students were slowly released from their classrooms. recovers kept searching, but after four hour, no suspect and no gun. >> i don't know if this was a hoax. we didn't find a suspect. i don't know if it was a prank. but again we take everything seriously. >> reporter: given that the newtown tragedy happened four days ago, they weren't taking any chances. we don't let anything to chance. so we responded with the sense of urgency that'ses in when it comes to these -- that's necessary when it comes to these situations. >> reporter: investigators will be tracing that call and talk to that person to figure out what happened. classes gallon on as normal tomorrow.
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more parents than usual walked with their children today as the schools in newtown connecticut reopened. sandy hook elementary was the one school that did not open. instead, more funerals were held for the children killed there. mourners lined up outside the st. rose of lima church twice today, first for the funeral of james, and a few hours jessica was laid to rest. >> i can see an entire sea of people coming oust the first funeral, then the equal amount of people waiting on the side to get in for the second funeral. >> there will be five more funerals tomorrow including vicki soto, the teacher who died shielding her students. another outpouring of
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support for the victims of sandy hook here in the bay area. >> we're all here for the same reason. >> reporter: thousands of miles away, yet so close to everyone's hearts. families and educators in the pleasanton unified school district holding a candlelight vigil for the victims and their families in the newtown shooting. >> i think people need a way to express the way that they feel. >> reporter: the photos of the 26 innocent victims displayed on a tree. and tonight, little voices from pleasanton paying tribute to every one of them. >> jessica, first born in the family, was our rock. she had an answer for everything. >> she looked so young, barely an adult herself. >> reporter: the superintendent said it's a tragic reminder of an educator's role. >> always looking at procedures
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and practices and always thinking about what else we could do to improve. >> reporter: letter, pictures, and donations from pleasanton will be sent to newtown this week. >> the search for a motive is proving to be difficult, and we've learned the killer knew how to cover his tracks. >> reporter: the search for a motive is proving to be difficult. the computer and harddrive recovered from gunman adam lanza's home were smashed into so many small pieces, the fbi lab has been unable to retrieve any data. police are searching credit card, e-mail, and phone records for lanza and his mother. they are also trying to reconstruct lanza's internet searches. but lanza was a socially awkward recluse who had little touch with the outside world. and he killed his mother, nancy, the one
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person who knew him best. >> reporter: officials say over the past three year, his mother bought and registered the three semiautomatic weapons lanza carried with him during his attack at the sandy hook elementary school. sources say a gun trace revealed nancy bought the murder weapon, a bushmaster ar-15 in march , 2010. a year later, in march 2011, she bought a 9-millimeter pistol. the third gun, a glock, was purchased 11 months ago in january, 2012. >> reporter: lanza did not buy any of the weapons himself. agents for the bureau of alcohol, to tobacco, firearms and explosives, confirm he and his mother did go shooting together at various ranges. one of the world's biggest private equity firms is selling its stake in an arms company
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following the shooting. it's selling its stake in freedom group. they make the same rifle used at sandy hook. and suspending sales of sporting rifles nationwide at dick's sporting goods. the n ra is going to hold a major news conference in regard to the shooting. "out of respect for the families, we have given time for mourning, prayer, and a full investigation." the changing perspective on gun ownership might be best exemplified by this: an overwhelming number of weapons turned in as part of a gun buy-back here in the bay area. why we might be seeing more of this in the future. >> reporter: this
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gun buy-back program was more successful than police or the community groups hosting the exchanges ever expected. >> very much. >> reporter: doctor joe marshall says he ran out of money after buying back 125 weapons. >> i was ready to shut it down. walk out, tell the crowd, that's all we got. maybe we'll do it another day. but the chief said oh, no, no, we've got all these guns here. we got to get them. >> reporter: doctor marshall gave out 157 ious, $31,000 due in four days. the police chief tells cbs 5 he's found the money, and he'll announce the benefactor tomorrow. >> i'm not worried. [ laughter ] >> i know the folks are going to show up next saturday. >> reporter: many sellers said the slaughter of school children in connecticut touched raw nerves. >> i don't have to have the
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guns anymore. i'd like a different world. >> reporter: the money ran out in oakland too. but the program donors stepped up. keith stevenson gave another $50,000 to keep it going. >> reporter: police sea this buy-back program -- say this buy-back program this past weekend was the most successful one they've ever seen. the community groups who posted this program say there are plans in the works for a statewide gun buy-back program. for the latest on the elementary school tragedy, you can go to it's going to be the coldest night of the season! we haven't seen temperatures this low in nearly a year! >> it was january 17th the last time we were this chilly. feels a lot like christmas outside! union city, you will wake up
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tomorrow morning to 35 degrees. santa clara down to 34. the north bay, you're under a free warning. clear lake, 27 degrees. areas in red, that's the freeze warning, much if not all of the north bay away from the ocean. frost advisory for all of the south bay, all of the east bay, oakland, alameda, walnut creek. and upper 20s are likely for santa rosa and napa and sonoma and fairfield. i made some changes to the extended forecast because the rain has changed. breaking news near the california/oregon border. black ice is being blamed for a massive 60-car pile-up on i-5. it happened on a 2-mile stretch between eureka and the oregon border. the interstate is
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closed in both directions. amazingly, there are no deaths reported, just minor and moderate injuries. a new report on the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi blasts higher ups at the state department for leaving the mission vulnerable. the review boert said systematic -- board said systematic failures led to insecurities. the panel's report acknowledged that the siege was unanticipated and found no cause for disciplinary action. a news crew from nbc is safe tonight after spending five days in captivity in syria. the network says reporter richard engel, his cameraman and producer were freed when a rebel group killed two of their kidnappers at a checkpoint. the network said the team was bound and blindfolded but not harmed. there was no claim of
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responsibility or ransom demands. the fiscal cliff is now just two weeks away. john boehner rolled out plan b. he'll take his plan directly to the house floor with a bill to extend the low bush era tax rates for all americans making less than $1 million a year. democrats are calling the plan a farce. >> we do not have a balanced plan when the president is calling for $1.3 trillion in revenue and only willing to put $850 billion worth of cuts over ten years. >> every time we get down to doing something for the long-term financial security of this country, they take that football, and it's a charley brown episode. they jerk the ball away. this is what they're doing again. >> the latest cbs news poll shows only half of americans think a fiscal cliff deal will be made before the december 31st deadline.
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mark zuckerberg 's massive donation to help children in the south bay. >> students punished in class. the teacher apologizes but is it enough? and a car crashes into an east bay video game store. how it was all part of a burglary.
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about one bay area teacher's unusual disciplinary techni she claims it was a joke. but some parents were not laughing about one bay area teacher's unusual disciplinary technique. students say she's been taping their mouths shut.
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>> she shouldn't have done that to the students or my child. >> reporter: lucy fights back tear when is she talks about how her son's teacher punished him for talking too much in class. >> she just came up and duct taped me. >> i walked over to my desk, put the duct tape on him, he said. >> reporter: she is ms. michelle. students say she routinely carries a roll of tape around that she sometimes puts on students' mouths. that day, she taped three students. >> i was angry. >> i was sad. >> reporter: torres claims this was not the first time faculty crossed the line at antioch charter academy. another teacher admitted to placing a chair over armando's body and sitting on it to keep him from
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moving. >> so she was stuck under the chair. >> reporter: we contacted the principle. she met with us offcamera and says this is a personnel matter being investigated. >> reporter: the family says that is armando's teacher apologize. they made the recording days after the incident happened. but so far, she has not been punished. >> she's still working there. >> reporter: torres is homeschooling her children until antioch academy takes action. as much as they miss the school, they worry about seeing her again. >> i feel scared that they tape me again. toll plaza was supposed the man who gunned down his ex-girlfriend and her friend at a richmond bridge toll plaza was
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supposed to be sentenced to death today. instead he was granted a delay until next month arguing he wasn't adequately prepared. he is acting as his own attorney and hasn't had access to a phone or law library to get his case in order. police are looking for a man who robbed a u.s. bank this afternoon. he managed to get away with an unspecified amount of money. police searched the area but found no trace. and some east bay burglars rammed a stolen car into a concord game shop. the thieves got away with thousands of dollars worth of electronic, including ipods and ipads.
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a hydrant shot water up to 25 feet into the air this morning on north lake drive near the intersection of stagecoach road. a moving truck accidentally backed into it, and up went the water. nobody got hurt. in clayton, roads closed off because of a big sink hole are back open tonight. a failing pipe under the road started the sink hole early this morning. you called it, paul! it is very cold outside! rain is coming, but maybe a little twist? >> yeah, we're going to delay the onset of the rain. one more day of shopping without having to worry about the umbrellas. tonight it is all about the cold! bring the pets inside. concord, sitting at 40
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. livermore, 40, mid-40s for san francisco, san jose, and oakland. but we will get colder and wake up tomorrow to the 20s! pretty close to freezing for fremont, san jose, and red wood city. oakland 37. no rain dropping from the sky yet. we're going to push back the onset of the rainfall for the greater san francisco area until after midnight on friday morning. that's when winter begins, officially at 3:12 am on friday. lots of winter weather in the sierra. a foot to 2 feet of new snow. but thursday evening, more snow coming up over the weekend. we have a lot to talk about. first the cold, then precipitation in the form. significant rainfall. high pressure off to our south and west, a northerly flow of air
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will give us the coldest night since january. clouds are back by tomorrow afternoon. rain is back late thursday night into friday morning. the rain will not let up until sunday night. the clouds increasing tomorrow. here comes the rain! and the rain is going to be with us through sunday. highs tomorrow after the cold start, low 50s. concord 52, san jose, 54. mainly cloud in walnut creek. rain begins early friday morning, with us all the way through the weekend clearing out christmas eve and christmas day. responding to an outpouring of anger, instagram has had a change of heart and says it will not sell your photos. they updated their terms of use policy yesterday. the terms
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allowed the company to use uploaded photos without notice or compensation. but this afternoon, instagram said it plans to modify specific parts of the term to make it more clear what will happen with your photos. facebook, almost half a billion dollars in stock is going to a charity thanks to mark zuckerberg. he is supporting the silicone valley community foundation which focuses on health issues. in is his largest donation to date. armed with a $100 gift card, and one of santa's elves , dozens of bay area kids go wild on a shopping spree.
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(flay-sheh-ker) pool house the san francisco zoo. the 77-year-old building had be deteriorating since the pool closed in 19-71. and after a fire earlier this month, e city determined it had to ce
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an open air the 77-year-old building had been deteriorating since the pool closed in 1971. after a fire this month, the city determined it had to come down. more than 100 bay area children have good reason to smile tonight thanks to a big shopping spree. the 4-12 year-olds were set loose in san francisco's flagship old navy store, each with a $100 gift card. personnel shoppers were on hand to pick out the right clothing and accessories. >> we really and truly believe in the community in downtown san francisco. we've been working with glide for nine years. >> they do amazing things. today's event is one of the many glide foundation arrangements for the community during the
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...thats the warriors brandf basketball these days... ...roll the minute... warriors me a 6-1 road trip gets respect! that's the warriors' brand of basketball these days! a hero's welcome at oracle. first home game in 15 days. on the attack, david lee. warriors up 8. make a nice little run. anthony davis score, fouled , are game tied at 92. but the ws shake them off.
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warriors win 103-96. divide powell, that's how he -- dwight powell, that's how he does it! later in the 1st half, the wolfpack on the run. huh-uh. lesley there for the put-back. nc state wins. cal against santa barbara. an early 8-point lead . later it's tyrone wallace. double-double for him. bears win, 68-59. headliner, of course , the ws. they are out of control! >> we'll talk about it at 11:00.
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